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"So this is me, someone who left everything behind necessary inside the womb."

— Mars after waking up from her cocoon and her body changing

Corona Amentia: Amina's Blade is the Evolved Arcane Power belonging to Mars Aysara and previously belonged to Aysara. Anima's Blade is also one of the Thirteen Corona Amentia which can only be access to one of the vessels of the Ether Beast.

Mars through her Arcane she is able to manipulate the flow of things and life itself.


Flow Manipulation[]

This ability was slowly being manifested by Mars when she was still a child using the more common ability used by Espers called Telekinesis but when Celina was taken and experimented on this ability was then essensity was given crack and grew overwhelmingly as her body and mind wasn't ready for the full ability hence why after Mars killed her former nanny Old Babette she went into hibernation and subconsciously her body grew while her mind was still childlike.

Hence, getting back on track Mars can psychically manipulate the power and direction of flow, including the flow of any fluid (water and other liquids), gas (including breathable air), energy (such as heat, electricity and sometimes kinetic energy and light).

But their are limitations to this ability:

  1. Mars can only manipulate movement of matter and energy, not for more adept manipulation such as turning water to ice.
  2. She is unable to manipulate specific flows, such as of light, kinetic energy and time.
  3. Mars is unable to manipulate flow more than one way.


This ability natural belonged to Aysara which was then inherited by Mars which allows her to utilize life-force in which Mars can take life-force from someone else and create new forms of life, place it into the lifeless, and animate things. Mars can also create pure life-force from her body and basically do the same thing as taking it from someone else.


  • Wastleland of Dreams - This is her Personal Domain and unlike other's who are able to use this ability, Mars take's the appearance of Shakurin Park and the Tower both places which held a large important meaning's in Mars life. Shakurin Park was a theme park in which Angelus, Pallas and Mars would escape their life with Catena when Memnon wasn't there to protect them and actually had some fun their life it is also the middle name of her son Leto. The Tower was where the "triplets" resided along with Old Babette taking care of them is in the center.
  • The Right Eye of the Sunlit Soul (Lost) - Through her right eye Mars was able to convert her natural aura into positive mana. Having this techinque helped her kept the Ether Beast Anima in check as it limited the amount of negative mana inside of Mars body when it was forcible removed and then destroyed by her former lover Seti Lucero then left Mars unstable and in constant check or monitoring by the higher ups of the Alpheratz Union.
    • Cognizant Serpentine Shield (Lost) - The counterpart to the Equinoctial Moon Saw that is designed to nullify the effects of EMDS which like it counterpart it creates the ultimate shield.
  • The Left Eye of the Self-Illuminated Hell - Through her left eye Mars is able to convert her natural aura into negative mana. Having this technique is a double bladed sword against Mars herself (due to her losing the right eye). This allows her to use some of her most powerful techniques but this also acts as fuel for the Ether Beast inside of her.
    • Equinoctial Moon Saw - By flattening her left hand and leaving no gaps between her fingers, the hand is used like a sword and is able to slashed towards the intend target, it allows Mars to postpone the dimension they exist in and enables them to go through all matter and creates the ultimate blade.
  • Changeling's Lament -
  • Turquoise Chains of Idaten - Is the evolved form of Chains an Esper ability that Mars manifested while protecting Thane when they were children and she had runaway from home before Mars was then taking in as a student of Memnon. In it's now current form made from both positive and negative mana and solidify by aura emerges from her torso. Depending on the situation Mars is in she can create up to thousands of chains to attack or defend herself, they can also use to restrain an individual and prevent them form using mana or create an barrier around an individual.


  • Her Arcane name translate from Latin means "Crown of Maddness: Life's Blade".
  • Borrowed from Latin anima (“a current of air, wind, air, breath, the vital principle, life, soul”), sometimes equivalent to animus (“mind”), both from Proto-Indo-European *h₂enh₁- (“to breathe, blow”). Cognate with Ancient Greek ἄνεμος (ánemos, “wind”), Old English anda (“anger, envy, zeal”).
    • This is ironic as Mars twin Pallas can manipulate wind and seith.