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“We need not fear death, for it is simply the next phase of life. We never die, we simply change form - just as we have since the day we were born.”

― The Truth AD Infinitum

Aysara Lyuka was the first vessel of the Ether Beast of Life Anima, previously a member of the Osira race until she was cursed when Aysara placed one of the thirteen parts of Lybirai. Instead of allowing the madness and her essence going from host to host, Aysara choose to be mummified and sealed away in the Minor Necropolis of Osiran and was protected by the Priestess of Anima until they died out.

Anima would be ripped from Aysara's body many centuries after her death and be resealed inside her descendant Marcelina Aynokion more commonly called Mars Aysara


Early Life[]

Later Years and Death[]

Her Tomb Being Raped[]

Corpse forcibly fused with Marcelina[]



Powers & Abilities[]

Osira Abilities (formerly)[]

Osira Physicology - Osira's are physically similar to the Myrgans and Kyraluns having pointed ears and green blood but the difference between their genetic cousins is that Osirans have naturally reddish eyes, thicker skin to reduce moisture loss, prehensile feet, and have what is known as a patagia.

  • Animancy - Aysara possessed the very old and very rare ability called Animancy in which she possesses the magical abilities revolve around manipulating life itself. Some of her abilities connected to this is restoration, healing, life-force manipulation, fertility manipulation, and life creation. She can create new forms of life, grant life to the lifeless, animate things, manipulate the life force of the universe and those connected to it.

Daimon Powers[]

  • Madness Inducement - Mars can cause madness in a person or group of people that have no mental illness, depending of the users will victims may go slightly loopy or lose total grip of reality becoming delusional, lose control over themselves, paranoid, catatonic or hostile.


  • Aysara is a form of Aesara which is the latinized form of the Greek Aisara and is of an unknown meaning.Aesara of Lucania was a Pythagorean philosopher who wrote a work called On Human Nature, of which scholars today only have a one-page fragment.