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“Memory is a mirror that scandalously lies.”

― Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

Bydeia Irene Aynokion is the fourth daughter and sixth child between Zegrus Aynokion and Klyomistra Lepre, and is the youngest triplet with her older twin sisters being Ammyana and Chyoni. She is the younger sister to twins Sylena and Hylios, and Kassian and is the older sister to Eurus and Memnon.

Bydeia is married to Matthias Corvinus and is the mother of his two children; their eldest and only son Xander and their youngest and only daughter Maia.


Early Life[]

Life as a Handmaiden[]


Bydeia has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning. Bydeia is a dedicated follower of the swordsman philosophy and doctrine of the warrior's way, such as the code of honor and integrity where she strictly fights fair and square by consistently refusing to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being when her family are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which Bydeia would strike the attacker from behind. Bydeia herself considers a scar on the back to be a swordsman's greatest shame.

Bydeia has a very kind heart, as she was willing to risk her life for the sake of a little girl he did not know shortly after her introduction. When Rani made her some food, Bydeia kindly accepted it and thanked her for the meal. When (*&*) shot an innocent man, Bydeia carried the victim to a hospital despite being total strangers. When fighting weaker or innocent people, she does try to hold back when fighting and use the dull side of his swords in order not to seriously injure them though as pointed out by Matthias, her monstrous strength still manages to cause great damage.

A rarely seen aspect of his kindness is that he strongly detests evil individuals with extreme cruelty towards the innocent, as shown when (*&*) shot (*&*), Bydeia was silently wrathful, as she fully intended to cut down the fellow Noble if it were not for Sylena.

Bydeia is also very humble when it comes to receiving gratitude from others whenever she saves people, as when she saved Rani, she chose not to receive any compensation other than alcohol. This was shown again when she saved (*&*) and (*&*) from (*&*) and merely desired food and alcohol for protecting them. When in the poverty town Vizedya, Bydeia was given a small portion of water despite what little resources they could offer. Seeing their suffering, Bydeia politely turned down their offer, knowing how hard it is for them to get by.

Bydeia also has a soft spot for children and her fellow women. At (*&*-*&*), she did not object to helping save the children (*&*-*&*) was experimenting on and later agreed to help (*&*) look for (*&*).

Bydeia also has been absurdly reckless in the face of major battles, often at the cost of her own well-being. Many times, she has suffered injuries which would kill a normal person and muscled through them through sheer willpower, such as when she was given her gaping scar, which she allowed to be inflicted on herself deliberately, and when she absorbed all of her children's pain from their fight with (*&*-*&*) after (*&*-*&*) pushed it out of her and made Bydeia take it upon himself in return for sparing her children's life, which was so traumatic that her eyes temporarily became bloodshot. As a result, she has often been left very heavily bloodied and bandaged, as well as gained scars more times. Despite this, she has a habit of ignoring these dire injuries and continuing to fight, sometimes before she is fully healed. Her recklessness extends to the point of self-mutilation, willingly risking a limb by throwing the Ammit's Teeth in the air while holding out her arm and allowing it to land and see if she could overcome its curse (a successful risk), and slicing up her ankles to escape a deathtrap, which not only failed, but made her lose a lot of blood and gain more scars. Furthermore, Bydeia tends to face death in a defiant manner and show no fear of dying even when she is in a gravely injured state. This has threatened her life by causing unhealed wounds to reopen or be strained, leaving her in crippling agony.

She also regularly resorts to drastic measures to solve simple problems, suggesting solutions that others would normally consider to be their last possible, worst-case-scenario choices. When she and (*&*) were accidentally handcuffed together, Bydeia's first suggested solution was to cut off one of their hands.

When Bydeia has the intention to fight seriously, she ties his bandana (normally kept in her bodice) around her head. Bydeia lives for the thrill of combat. (*&*-*&*) commented on her "insane killing intent", acknowledging that Bydeia was a "real beast". Indeed, when an average human has the intention of fighting Bydeia, her glare alone is usually enough to make them back off. She also has a habit of smiling in satisfaction whenever she faces a particularly skilled opponent, which often unnerves both friend and foe alike.

While she can be the voice of reason on some occasions, Bydeia rushes into things most of the time and leaves it to fate to decide the details, much to the horror of her family as she fails to see her own fault. She seems to have a very strong belief in fate and destiny in general. She is even known to resort to methods like drawing sticks or casting lots whenever the group need to choose someone to do a particular task. One of the most obvious instances of this is when she took an interest in the cursed blade, Ammit's Teeth, and left it up to fate to decide if she would wield it by testing her luck against the sword's curse; she tossed the sword spinning into the air and extended her left arm into its falling path, to see if it would cut him, fully aware that the sword was sharp enough to easily sever her arm.

Bydeia loves to drink different types of alcohol, and is particularly fond of alcohol almost to the degree that her niece Mars also loves alcohol and Nadiya loves clothes. When travelling around, Bydeia frequently carried around bottles of wine or rum and drink straight from the bottle. When (*&*) wanted to repay him for saving her, she only wanted more alcohol. Due to his love for drinking, Bydeia loathes being deprived of alcohol.

Though not to the same extent as (*&*), Bydeia is extremely attached to her swords primarily due to their sentimental value which were given to her from people she respected, such as (*&*)'s Tears of Isis, (*&*)'s Ammit's Tear and (*&*-*&*)'s Stinger of Serket and Sylena's Divine Reaper.


Abilities and Skills[]

Natural Abilities[]

  • Immense Speed and Agility - Bydeia despite her soft and feminine outwards appearance has frequently demonstrated tremendous speed and agility to pursue opponents and avoid their attacks. She is considered one of the fastest out her her siblings due to her physical power increasing his running ability, although it is difficult to quantify his speed in a race due to her tendency to become lost. Similar to her niece Mars, he can cut opponents in the blink of an eye and even unsheathe and re-sheathe the sword before opponents can react (though Mars in all fairness uses her nails not blades). Bydeia possesses tremendously quick reflexes, as shown in (*&*-*&*) when she dodged a large variety of attacks used against her by the (*&*-*&*) agents, including gunfire, melee weapons, blinding gas, and even a bazooka, despite numerous attempts by the agents to surround and trap him.
  • Aura Generation - Despite not being an Esper who can natural achieve Aura Mastery by training or time, Bydeia is able to generation aura and use in her sword fighting, she trained under a Myrgan Master named (*&*-*&*) who had achieve immortally through his dedication to Aura Mastery. She herself also trained and showed Memnon who then showed it to Thane and Mars.


  • Master Swordmanship - Bydeia has been a tremendously masterful swordsman since her youth. When training under (*&*-*&*) in (*&*) Village as a child, she was able to consistently beat adult swordsmen in duels, with (*&*) being the only person she was unable to beat. Since her goal was to obtain the title of Greatest Swordsman in the World, Bydeia has devoted himself to this craft and is well-known across the world for her swordsmanship ability. Bydeia demonstrates immense dexterity and supreme skill in swordsmanship, especially when using her main sword, Isis. Her swordsmanship is extremely versatile, from destroying entire fleets of ships and giant icebergs with immense power using simple Aura generation, to being able to deflect the course of bullets with masterful and graceful precision using Gentle Blade swordsmanship. She is also able to cut through steel with immense ease and swiftness, as demonstrated with the steel-bodied Mr. 1, whom even (*&*) struggled to defeat.


  • Swords - Bydeia currently owns around hundreds of swords according to her husband Matthias "typical wives want shoes to fill their closest but not my wife, she fills them swords, swords, and twelve daggers". She will usually carry three swords on her at all times in emergancies, six if she smells a fight in the air.
    • Tears of Isis -
    • Eyes of Osiris - Are dual black blades that were forged by
    • Ammit's Teeth -
    • Divine Reaper -
    • Stinger of Serket -


  • Bydeia is the bastardized form of Budeia which means "oxen-yoker" in Greek. It is the name of a daughter of Lycus in Greek mythology.
  • Irene is from Greek Εἰρήνη (Eirene), derived from a word meaning "peace". This was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace, one of the Ὥραι (Horai). It was also borne by several early Christian saints. The name was common in the Byzantine Empire, notably being borne by an 8th-century empress, who was the first woman to lead the empire. She originally served as regent for her son, but later had him killed and ruled alone.
  • Aynokion comes form Aenocyon Dirus which is the genius name for the direwolf. It literally means "dreadful, terrible" in Latin.


  • She is associated with the Six of Swords.
  • Bydeia has a blood oath with her sisters Sylena, Ammyana, and Chyoni.
  • Her favorite food is seven blossom bread with little cheeses and meats.
  • Her hobbies are practicing her skills so they don't get rusty, learning new style's of sword style's and drinking booze,
  • Bydeia doesn't like chocolate due to it being too sweet.
  • The color Bydeia is associated with is red.
  • Bydeia always knew that who the mother of the triplets were and often mocked Catena for it calling her vain and stupid for not reasoning it sooner.