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“The sorrow we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay to have had them in our lives.”

― Rob Liano

Hiiragi Yue Gojō-Khan more commonly known by her English name of Hebe Khan is the youngest child and daughter between Orihime and Linus Khan and is the younger sister to Camellia and Julian.

Hiiragi was indirectly killed by her maternal half-brother Alexis Higashibōjō when assassins came to try and killed Julian due to being the first in three generations to inherit the Eyes of Maitreya unintentionally awakening Julian's blood-lust in the process.



Death and Impact[]

Personality and Appearance[]


  • Hebe is derived from Greek ἥβη (hebe) meaning "youth". In Greek mythology Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. She was a goddess of youth who acted as the cupbearer to the gods.
  • Hiiragi is from 柊 (hiiragi), referring to the flowering plant known variously as 'holly osmanthus', 'holly olive', or 'false holly', derived from a combination of stem hiira, something that is throbbing or aching (in reference to its thorny and prickly leaves), and 木 (ki) meaning "tree."
  • Yue is from Chinese 月 (yuè) meaning "moon", 粤 (yuè) referring to Guandong province and the Cantonese people, 越 (yuè) referring to the Yue people, 跃 (yuè) meaning "jump, leap", 悦 (yuè) meaning "joy, pleased", 岳 (yuè) meaning "tall mountain" or 玥 (yuè) meaning "pearl", as well as other characters that are pronounced similarly.
    • From Japanese 裕 (yu), meaning "fertile", combined with 恵 (e), meaning "blessing". Other combinations are possible.
  • Gojō (from 五条 or 五條) literally means "fifth street" in Japanese.
  • Khan is from a title meaning "king, ruler". Its origin is probably Mongolian, though the word has been transmitted into many other languages.