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John Oro is the fourth child and second son between Syletsu Oro and his second wife Diaya, and is the younger half-brother to Kynan and Torina, the younger brother to Asla, twins Soeli and Soria, and John is the older brother to Mimosa.


Early Life[]

Death of his Father[]

Personality and Appearance[]

John has black hair and blue-green eyes, with very pale green skin like a honeydew. According to Kynan, he is quite small and thin for his age.

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Qudshan-Human hybrid physiology - John is half-Human and half-Qudshu, meaning he has a unique set of abilities that he has yet to manifest. John also has an enhanced physical condition, a tail and green blood.


  • John is the English form of Iohannes, the Latin form of the Greek name Ἰωάννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan) meaning "Yahweh is gracious", from the roots יוֹ (yo)referring to the Hebrew God and חָנַן (chanan) meaning "to be gracious". The Hebrew form occurs in the Old Testament (spelled Johanan or Jehohanan in the English version), but this name owes its popularity to two New Testament characters, both highly revered saints. The first is John the Baptist, a Jewish ascetic who is considered the forerunner of Jesus. He baptized Jesus and was later executed by Herod Antipas. The second is the apostle John, who is traditionally regarded as the author of the fourth gospel and Revelation. With the apostles Peter and James(his brother), he was part of the inner circle of Jesus.
  • Oro means "exiled, failing, or philistine" in Modern Qudshu.


  • His hobbies are playing with his siblings, art, and reading books.
  • His favorite meal is chicken manchurian with gravy with chips.
  • John's room has a small bed, a big playhouse, and a tent that houses books and toys.
  • Building sand castles bores him so he usually builds what he calls sand cities. These consist of rows of structures meant to be houses, stores, and schools and include signs made by torn-off fronts of matchbooks.
  • He was named after Johnny Cash.