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"I'll never forgive you for infecting my beautiful, kind mother; you don't deserve my 'love'"

― Sylena to Zegrus before she left to then Republic of Markab

Klyomistra Lepre was the last member of the House of Lepre who married her childhood friend Zegrus Aynokion and had eight children; twins Hylios and Sylena, Kassian, triplets Ammyana, Chyoni, and Bydeia, Eurus, and Memnon.


Early Life and Marriage[]

Motherhood and Suffering[]

Death and Impact[]

Klyomistra died from complications due to being infected with dicentra flowing the birth of her fourth son and eighth child Memnon. Zegrus blamed Memnon for Klyomistra's death and in a drunken rage attempted to kill the infant but Sylena used her Arcane Le Moriband for the first time burning Zegrus so bad that he lost his eyesight and hands.

Sylena at then twelve years old took control as the Head of the Aynokion, and later become the Princess of Hebes and eventually became Queen of Lys at age fourteen. She never forgive Zegrus for his actions against her baby brother and forced him to be imprisoned in a small room of the Aynokion fortress which Catena would then use to beat the triplets many years later.

Personality and Appearance[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

  • Sensory Tracking - Klyomistra possesses the ability to sense aura-users, mana-users, and others from her surroundings.
  • Absorption - Klyomistra with the touch of her left hand could absorb mana from her surroundings unlike her granddaughter Mars who learned to control her absorption power Klyomistra was forced to wear a mana suppressing glove to even touch her children and not accidentally kill them.


  • Klyomistra is the bastardized version of Cleomestra derived from κλέος (kleos) meaning "glory" combined with Μήστρα (mēstra) meaning "teacher, master". In Greek mythology, Cleomestra was a Trojan princess as daughter of King Tros and probably, Callirrhoe, daughter of the river god Scamander or Acallaris, daughter of Eumedes. She was the sister of Ilus, Assaracus, Ganymede and possibly, Cleopatra. Cleomestra became the mother of Assaracus, Antenor and maybe of Alcathous by Aesyetes. Cleomestra and Cleopatra, as daughters of Tros are probably the same person.
  • Lepre is a nickname for a fleet-footed or timid person, from lepre meaning "hare" derived from Latin lepus 'hare', genitive leporis.


  • Each of her children and grandchildren inherited certain physical traits and characteristics from her.
    • Her daughter Ammyana and her children are the only one's who inherited Klyomistra's silvery-gold hair.
    • Nikolas and Nicaise inherited Klyomistra's violet eyes.
    • Sylena, Maia, and Pallas all inherited sensory tracking from her.
    • Angelus died with a smile like Klyomistra did.
    • Mars inherited her absorption abilities from Klyomistra.