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“Thanks to these eyes...I came to understand how cruel and despicable people can be. But that also allowed me to appreciate true beauty. All you have to do is appreciate things from a different perspective Once I realized the things we take for granted are really miracles, I came to see everything in it's precious, ephemeral beauty...... I love this world.”

― Jun Mochizuki, Pandora Hearts

Aysara Mars, born Marcelina Sepher Aynokion is the current vessel of the Ether Beast Anima after her body was forcibly infused with the previous vessel Aysara. She is the biological daughter of Sylena Aynokion and Aidoneus Sepher but was publicly acknowledged as the bastard daughter of Eurus Aynokion, Sylena's little brother.

She is the current ward of Ptolemocratia and Katerios Chernenko. Under Katerios Chernenko, Mars was accepted into Division Twelve after finishing Sirrah Academy under his command becoming a member of Team Rookie Blues later known as the Valkyries.

Mars would have five children named Leto, Ione, twins Zion and Skylar, and Aidoneus. Her oldest son is from her relationship with Seti Lucero, her oldest daughter is from her relationship with Thane Laakkonen, and her youngest three are from her relationship with Julian Khan.


Life as Celina Lupulella[]

Marcelina is the oldest child of Lysian Ambassador Sylena Aynokion and (*&*) Knight Aidoneus Sepher, and is the older twin sister to Pallas. They were born two days after the fall of the Republic of Markab on Kekouan Research Base near the asteroid field of Kekouan. There mother died after giving birth to them but not before naming them and entrusting there safety and well-being to her brother Eurus.

Eurus took the twins and Angelos home with him, and told the world he conceived triplets with an unnamed women during the war and was taking responsibility. He refused to tell the truth about Angelos or the twins to anyone even his own wife which caused the hatred Catena would feel towards the children.  

Reborn as Mars Aysara[]


As a child was described by her brothers as "a hot tempered spitfire, with always stood up for herself even if it meant the witch beating her with a whip", Marcelina also loved animals especially cats often hiding them in her room when Kastor murdered one of her kitten when she refused to be victimized by him anymore she threatened to cut off his nuts if he hurt any more of her babies or herself. Her love of animals still retain in her current life, especially cats and would later become the owner of Xeno again after many years.

Despite being a physically very attractive person she is very asocial preferring to stay home and has only been sexually intimate with her "childhood sweetheart" and three other men; she stated that she would rather stay at home instead of going out, and emphasized that she cannot have sex with someone she does not love.

But Mars also has a sadistic side of her personality, often expressing joy at the expense of others' suffering. She has no qualms about remorselessly slaughtering humans and aliens alike, and shows happiness when inflicting pain on others. Like her mother, Mars has a very sharp intuition about the feelings and desires of people, which she exploits to the fullest when dealing with her victims and manipulating others to do her bidding.


She originally had onyx colored hair that turns dark blue in the light and bright cat eyes with long eyelashes, a long face with a long neck and strong callous hands.  After being experimented on Mars hair changed to white due to all of the trauma but would dye it bright red during her time as a member of Ostropel and later dying it back to black while at the academy.

She has a birthmark of a twelve-pointed star on her left shoulder. She has two sets of pupils, four fallopian tubes, two uteruses, and two tongues, all joined as one, differing in texture and color. She also has a long black tail with a heart-shaped end. Under the influence of partial madness Mars gains black eyes while under complete madness she gains yellow eyes with dark lavender sclera.

Mars has several piercings such as a Venus piercing, her nipples, the center of her tongue, her right nostril, and several in her ears.


  • On the side of her right hip to her knee she has a two blooming rose with a thorny vine. Mars also has a quotes wrapping around the vine that says "Media Vita in Morte Sumus" which means "In the midst of our lives we die".
  • Mars also has two swirls that wrapped around her ears and onto her cheeks and her neck.
  • On the bed of her nails she has black dots.
  • On the bed's of her toes she has a small circle with another swirl wrapping around the sides of her nail and the circle. She also has two smaller circles next to the swirl. On the big toe the swirls resemble either a sunflower or a sun.
  • Mars has a spider with the number "3" and the spider is in a web with roses wrapped in webbing. Underneath the spider tattoo is her test subject number TSF-29100 which under some light can be seen. She would go under several cosmetic surgeries to have these two removed.
  • On her left hand Mars has a sun and a crescent moon, both with faces within them.
  • On her mons pubis, Mars has a medusa tattoo that is Julian's favorite tattoo on her due to how pretty it is and how well designed it was. Below her belly button she also has large cursive lettering which is a quote in Latin that says "Amor Animi Arbitrio Sumitur, non Ponitur" which means "We choose to love, we do not choose to cease loving."
  • Mars has a simple tramp stamp that is a butterfly, flowers, and swirls. It was her first tattoo and very horribly done.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arcanic Power[]

Corona Amentia: Anima's Blade - Due to becoming the literal madness embodiment of life, meaning through her madness she can produce a aura in which she can control the flow of most thing's and manipulate life-force.

  • Aura Shadow - Her shadow take's the form of a giant woman with long black hair in an elaborate hairstyle of a high ponytail and braided loops, with half-of her face skeletal and the other half of a beautiful women. The women is also wearing a revealing cloak-like dress underneath the dress the body is also half skeletal.
  • Immense Dark Aura - When Mars allows her mind to become partly engulfed in madness her aura field can cover an entire district causing plants to die, food to rapidly rot, people cell's to die at an alarming rate. When she released her aura on the Zicari siblings after publicly humiliating Nadia, Nox describes it as "one of the most terrifying thing's of my life" and for her captain to describe it as a "darkness deeper than night".

Natural Abilities[]

Modified Human/Osiran Physiology - Mars is genetically altered human from Project D.A.I.M.O.N. headed by Dr. Dion Christopher though more commonly referred to as Father.

  • Immense Strength - Mars possessed phenomenal physical strength, making her one of the strongest in the series. Her incredulous strength has been showcased multiple times, most notably when she punches or kicks, which is strong enough to generate powerful shock-waves and when she easily breaks (*&*'s-/-*&*) in half with a single side punch despite the latter swinging his blade down. Combined with her arcanic power, she is capable of causing a crater on the ground by simply punching it.
  • Immense Speed & Reflexes - Mars is extremely fast, as shown during his fight with (*&*) when she moves at supersonic speeds, moving so fast that even (*&*-*&*) and (*&*-*&*) couldn’t perceive his blinding movements, to a point that caused the latter to remark that she is in “a different dimension”. This is further exemplified from the fact that she could move in bursts of speed so fast that it made it seem like she teleport, which she displayed in multiple instances.
  • Blood Manipulation - Through the DNA of Zeal Bonaire injected into her by Dion Christopher, Mars is able to manipulate her blood in conjugation through her Arcana power
  • Absorption - Mars is able to drain mana of other beings through lip contact but can also drain mana through sex with others, when Mars was younger and not quite in control of her hunger Mars often killed though's she feed upon but with time and work she gained control over her hunger enough to not go overboard.
  • Rapid Cell Regeneration - Mars possesses the ability to rapidly heal from injuries. In the cafeteria fight scene between TRB and the (*&*), Mars loses a tooth when one of then strikes her and later, before entering the nurses office, Mars reveals that it has regrown. Once a month she sheds her skin, the wet and tender skin giving way to a layer of stronger, drier skin. Also during her battle with (*&*) in which she was bisected by him, failed to keep her down as it took only a few minutes for her to pull herself back together, much to (*&*) complete and utter surprise with Mars remarking that her body is very stubborn than most would believe.
    • Claw Control - Similar to her teeth after fusion her nails turned point scale-like and extremely sharp enough to cut people in half when she is at full strength. She is slowly learned to make them softer when around people she doesn't want to kill and longer and more pronounced when she does what to kill people.
    • Acidic Blood - Mars has acidic blood but her's is at a lower level then there blood is but it was still capable of corroding metal, glass, plastics and other materials over time.
  • Telepath - Mars was born an E-2 where as her brother was a simple Lysian Human where as Mars possessed the same advancements aura manipulation similar to her father Aidoneus who was particularly gifted with the rare powers of precognition and advance mind control. This is very similar to his daughter as she too has the power of precognition, and telekinesis.
    • Precognition - She inherited her father's gift of precognition but where his was Subjective, her's is Objective meaning she can see into the future but it is a future but it is limited to the desires and decisions of other people.
    • Telekinesis - Mars possesses the ability to move and manipulate objects with her mind, being able to crush steel beams and break bones when attacked such as what she did to Pollux and Nox when the violated her one too many times.


  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Skills - Mars has prefect utilization in combat styles such as Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Arnis as she primarily uses uses kicks and elbow strikes.
  • Expert Piloting Skills -
  • Computer/Hacking Specialist - Mars while imprisoned and used as a test subject, developed a love and talent for computers and hacking and is considered one of the most dangerous and talented hackers being apart of the unofficial group known as the Camera Stellata which are considered terrorists.
    • Master Engineer - While not her main area of expertise, Mars has proven to be an excellent engineer, as she built her own computers as a child. She was able to fix a defibrillator machine and ensure a (*&*) elevator stopped at the boardroom by adjusting their wiring.
    • Master Mathematician - From childhood, Mars displayed an aptitude in math and is even acknowledged by her father and siblings to be her most valuable asset in the subject. Because of her skill, she is an effective card counter, claiming that "it's all probability, theory, and mathematics".


  • Artificial Right Eye - Made by the Ptolemocratia after her near death experiance. Due to the eye's artificial nature, Mars couldn't cry out of it and it is unaffected by Illusions. The eye also helps her see the flow of energy and help her with sight even more then her original one, it also represses the overwhelming Mana and Madness she carries with her.
  • Wardrobe - Mars developed a mana-based equipment carrier called she has named "Hansu", it resembles a small wooden box with a large touch screen. Carrying all her clothes, jewelry, some painting and other trophies she has earned and/or taken. She had a Aneelidian named Neebo hold on to it for her due to him owning her a life debt while she was on the run originally. In an attempt to earn Mars trust back and reestablish a relationship with her, Eurus gifted her with the wardrobe of her true mother Sylena but before he could explain the letter he was sent to be executed.


  • Marcelina is the feminine form of the more masculine Mars which is possibly related to Latin mas meaning "male" (genitive maris). Her mother chose this name because she wanted her daughter to be strong like the God of War himself.
    • Celina is the Portuguese and Polish feminine forms of Caelinus which comes from the Roman family name of Caelius that was derived from Latin caelum meaning "heaven".
  • Aysara is a form of Aesara which is the latinized form of the Greek Aisara and is of an unknown meaning. Aesara of Lucania was a Pythagorean philosopher who wrote a work called On Human Nature, of which scholars today only have a one-page fragment.
  • Sepher is the form of Sepehr which means "sky" or "heaven" in Persian.
  • Aynokion comes form Aenocyon Dirus which is the genius name for the direwolf. It literally means "dreadful, terrible" in Latin.


  • Mars is associate with the number "3" referring to the tarot card The Empress.
  • She is omnisexual.
  • Mars hobbies are knitting, sleeping and playing card games.
  • She is a pescetarian.
  • Her favorite dessert is chocolate-anything cheesecakes.
  • She is ambidextrous.
  • Mars was considers a "true member" of the House of Aynokion having the twelve-pointed black star birthmark on her left shoulder.
  • She saved a kitten Marcelina named Xeno, who's mother and siblings were brutally murdered by Nox and Kastor.
  • She is an expert at cheating in poker.
  • Mars doesn't use deodorant and only takes bubble baths.
  • Mars often wears medium sized hoop earrings.
  • Mars enjoys drinking beer.
  • She was a daddy's girl and arguably had the closest relationship with Eurus among his children.
    • This is why when Catena had Dr. Christopher take Marcelina and she "died¨ this destroyed what was left of the relationship Eurus and Catena had and he began really cheating on her and only came to there bed when he was drunk or when she begged for another child. He also disowned the other children they had together.
  • She was engaged to marry her cousin Xander Corvinus before her "death".