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“Every moment of the night forever changing places and they put out the star-light with the breath from their pale faces”

― Edgar Allen Poe

Nicaise Alexibia Delphis is the second child and oldest daughter between Antonius Delphis and his beloved wife Ammyana Aynokion, and is the younger sister to Nikolas and the older sister to Nox and Nadiya.


Early Life[]


Nicaise has an unpleasant personality and an arrogant demeanor. She is quick to judge and laugh at others, and enjoys using her abilities to toy with her enemies. She looks down on other people and derives pleasure from belittling those she finds unworthy of her standards.

Like Nikolas and Nox, she shows blatant disregard for her younger sister, Nadiya, and took part in attempting to humiliate her in the reception after the valor ceremony. When Mars Aysara easily beat her (with her madness taking over her body for a moment) and physically removed her left lung in anger of Nicaise and Nox's treatment of Nadiya, this left a deep seated fear of Mars.


Nicaise is a tall, slender woman with the narrow, pointed features prominent in the other Delphis' and violet eyes. Her silver-blonde hair is slightly wavy and is left loose at the lower back while the sides and top are swept back in tousled spikes. Her bangs are combed to a point on her forehead.

Nicaise has a scar on her left ribcage from Mars.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arcana Power[]

Hiades - Nicaise possesses an emitter-type Arcana power that allows her to manipulate vapor.

  • Vapor Manipulation - Nicaise can create, shape and manipulate vapor, a gas phase at a temperature where the same substance can also exist in the liquid or solid state, below the critical temperature of the substance.
    • Scald Generation - Nicaise can manipulate and produce all manner of heated liquids, specifically water. Usually the liquid is generated inside the body and rapidly heated to a dangerous level.
  • Immense Mana Power - Nicaise possesses an immense amount of mana power and has great control of it, being able to cast spells around the Osirans, even after she is gravely injured.

Natural Abilities[]

  • Immense Endurance - Nicaise possesses tremendous levels of endurance, as shown when she remains conscious and able to cast spells after being pierced through the abdomen by a large needle.
  • Sobriety Restoration - She can restore sobriety in any/all targets suffering from the effects of both drugs or alcohol, making it so they revert back to normal and thus are able to think normally and are no longer under the influence of such substances. Nicaise usually only uses this on herself or on her brothers, only using it on others if they beg her or if Mars is in her presence and someone asks her and not trying to die will do it.


  • Engineering Skills - On multiple occasions, Nicaise has demonstrated a high level of skill in mechanical engineering, ranging from reverse-engineering (*&*) to constructing a combat-ready mini-robot on short notice.


  • Explosive Bands - The band on Nicaise's right arm possess explosive properties. By removing them, she can use them to produce blinding explosions that expel a large amount of smoke.


  • Nicaise is the French unisex form of Nikasios of which there are several possibilities for the etymology of this name, which are all related to each other. The first possibility is that this name is derived from νῑκᾷς (nikas), the active present tense of the Greek verb νικάω (nikao) meaning "to win, to conquer, to prevail". The second possibility is a derivation from νίκας (nikas), the accusative plural of the Greek noun νίκη (nike) meaning "victory". The third and final possibility is that this name refers to someone from the Greek island of Νικασία (Nikasia) and therefore essentially means "from Nikasia". Better known under the latinization Nicasia, it is a tiny island located between the islands of Naxos and Donousa, all of which are part of the Cyclades, an archipelago in the Aegean Sea.
  • Alexibia is the feminine form of Alexibios which is derived from the Greek verb ἀλέξω (alexo) meaning "to defend" as well as "to help" combined with either the Greek noun βία (bia) meaning "bodily strength, force" or the Greek noun βίος (bios) meaning "life".
  • Delphis may be related to Delphinus, a constellation in the northern sky. This constellation is said to depict a dolphin, and its name derives from delphinus, the Latin word for the marine mammal. In Greek mythology, Delphyne was the name of a female dragon who was appointed by her mother, the earth goddess Gaia, to guard the Pythia, commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi. Some myths describe Delphyne as being a half-maiden, half-snake creature similar to Echidna.
    • The name also may refer 'Delphinium', which is a genus of flowers that include the larkspur.


  • Her hobbies are shopping, collecting antique blades and messing with people.
  • Nicaise's favorite meal is braised skaah roast with seven blossom bread, and a glass of Ujaberry wine.
  • Nicaise has a large collection of Lysian wines in her quarters.
  • She is also a horrible cook.
  • She is an excellent dancer.
  • She is ambidextrous.
  • Nicaise has an artificial lung thank's to Mars Aysara.