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“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”

― C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Nox Makar Delphis is the third child and youngest son between Antonius Delphis and his beloved wife Ammyana Aynokion, and is the younger brother to Nikolas and Nicaise and is the older brother to Nadiya.


Early Life[]


Nox is a man with a sadistic nature, finding enjoyment in insulting people he believes to be beneath him. This is not limited to people of lower status, but to his own blood relatives as well. He does not even hesitate on humiliating his little sister in public until Mars nearly killed him.

His sadistic nature also extends to his actions where he does not hesitate on attacking people who dare to oppose him. Moreover, Nox is not a person that could easily forgive someone. This is noted when he still wants to seriously injure Mars even though another member, (*&*-*&*), is already restraining him for proper punishment later.

It is also noted by (*&*-*&*) that Nox prefers to fight or perform a mission on his own rather than working together within a group. Furthermore, Nox does not seem to be very fond of taking orders from just anyone, which can be seen when he shows a sign of displeasure after Marcus Corvinus gives him and his siblings an order. In contrast to his nature, Nox also knows fear towards people he believes to be superior than him, such as Nikolas Delphis, his older brother and later his "cousin" Mars Aysara.


Like his siblings, Nox has silvery blonde hair with dark grey eyes and a pointed face. He sports his hair in a Dutch braid hairstyle but leaves his fringe and the hair at the top section of his head in a loose, messy hairstyle. Additionally, he keeps his hair, on the left-hand side of his head, neat by wearing a couple of blue hairpins in a shape of a cross flory fitchy.

Nox according to his brother Nikolas, resembles their father the most being practically identical to Antonius did at that age with a better personality. He has a scar on his throat curiosity of Mars Aysara.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arcane Power[]

Hydre - Nox possesses a manifestation-type Arcane Power.

  • Water Manipulation - Nox can manipulate any water he can come in contact with.
    • Snake Physiology - Nox is able to summon snake-like creatures from the water he's is in physical contact with.
      • Venom Secretion - Through the snake-like creatures he is able to summon, they secrete a poisonous substance similar to a regular snake that can cause pain, sedation, paralysis, or instant death.
    • Liquid Surveillance Communication - Nox can communicate with anyone in the galaxy wherever there is water or any form of liquid whether it has mixed with other substance or not. As long as the water or liquid is more dominant, the power is possible to be used.
  • High Mana Power - Since Nox is a seated member of Division Four, Nox boasts a high level of mana energy though is not on part with Mars or his sister Nadiya.

Natural Abilities[]

  • Keen Intellect - Nox is a very intelligent man. He is able to quickly determine the basics behind an opponent's power and its weakness. He can also use this information to quickly create an effective counter.
  • Enhanced Endurance - Nox is notably resilient. He withstood being impaled by (*&*) needles in conjunction with (*&*-*&*), and fought him off before losing consciousness when reinforcements came.


  • Wand - Similar to his sister Nadiya, Nox uses a wand to enhance his mana power. His wand is made up of walnut, and is curved resembling the talon of a large bird.
  • Knife - Nox owned a small, sharp knife which was made of silver. It bears a resemblance to cross-shaped spearheads that leave a hard-to-heal wound.


  • Nox is derived from Latin nox "night", Nox is the Roman equivalent of Greek Nyx. As an English name, it is a variant of Knox.
    • Nyx means "night" in Greek. This was the name of the Greek goddess of the night, the daughter of Khaos and the wife of Erebos.
    • Knox is from a Scottish surname that was derived from Old English cnocc "round hill".
  • Makar is the Russian form of Macario which is the Spanish form of the Latin name Macarius, derived from the Greek name Μακάριος (Makarios), which was in turn derived from Greek μάκαρ (makar) meaning "blessed, happy". This was the name of several early saints.
  • Delphis may be related to Delphinus, a constellation in the northern sky. This constellation is said to depict a dolphin, and its name derives from delphinus, the Latin word for the marine mammal. In Greek mythology, Delphyne was the name of a female dragon who was appointed by her mother, the earth goddess Gaia, to guard the Pythia, commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi. Some myths describe Delphyne as being a half-maiden, half-snake creature similar to Echidna.
    • The name also may refer 'Delphinium', which is a genus of flowers that include the larkspur.