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“We are all ordinary. We are all boring. We are all spectacular. We are all shy. We are all bold. We are all heroes. We are all helpless. It just depends on the day.”

― Brad Meltzer

Pallas Sepher Aynokion is the son of Sylena Aynokion and Aidoneus Sepher who was later adopted by his maternal uncle Eurus and raised as his illegitimate child. He is the younger twin brother to Marcelina and the younger brother to Angelos.


Early Life[]


Pallas was known for being a playboy. He date often and sought out purely physical relationships with woman. The girls he dated were never more than short-term flings. His attitude towards relationship stemmed from his fathers' disastrous marriage and losing his sister. He became afraid of true love and hurt (*&*), whom he truly cared for. After settling things with (*&*), Pallas went back to dating around but had a different view of love. He was also naturally charming to women, which he often used to his advantage.

He was loyal to his friends, which he considered one of his core values. Pallas spent a lot of his time with River, with whom he had the most in common. Pallas and his friends were all athletic, excelling at basketball in particular. They stopped playing because "It's not cool to sweat."

Pallas view of relationships was severally damaged due to the lost of his sister Marcelina who also violated as a child and never getting her forgiveness.


Pallas is a tall young man with loose curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes with long eyelashes, and high cheekbones. If his sister resembles there biological mother, he resembles their father. Pallas had a lean body with very little muscle on him.

He has a twelve pointed star on his right shoulder meaning he is a true member of the House of Aynokion unlike Eurus's children with Catena.

He wears his mother necklace that was made for her by their father before she died, he had craved a symbol of luck into a wood that symbolized prosperity.

Powers & Abilities[]

Arcanic Power[]

The White Crown of Hermes - Pallas possesses an manipulator-type arcanic power.

  • Wind Manipulation - Pallas possesses an elemental attribute to generate and manipulate wind. Even before he manifested his abilities, Pallas was considered a prodigy among his peers. He usually uses this magic in the form of whirlwinds that can knock out his opponents in a single hit. He can also use the whirlwinds to lift and propel himself through the air. Pallas is able to use creation and reinforcement spells to help him in his attacks.
  • Seith Manipulation - Pallas is able to use seith, that revolves around channeling, summoning or using the power of spirits to achieve their goals. They can summon spirits, use spiritual weapons, or channel a spirit into their body to gain physical enhancements or gain completely new abilities i.e. channeling a fire spirit gives the user Fire Manipulation. He gained this ability after becoming bonded with the current elemental guardian of wind herself Zephyranthe.
  • Immense Mana Power - Pallas possesses a tremendous amount of magic power, as shown when not a single anti-bird flies around him during the (*&*-*&*) entrance exam. His large reserves allow him to cast two different attacks at the same time with ease.

Natural Abilities[]

  • Sensory Tracking - Pallas possessed the rare ability to sense mana-users and some aura-users and can locate other people and objects by focusing on them, allowing them to find their location and sense their environment.

Physical Skills[]


  • Necklace - Pallas wears his biological mother Sylena's necklace that was made for her by their father Aidoneus before she died, he had craved red sand angel which symbolized luck on desert plum wood that also symbolized prosperity.


  • Pallas is possibly derived from Greek πάλλω (pallo) meaning "to brandish", also is possiably derived from a Greek word meaning "maiden, young woman". This was an epithet of the Greek goddess Athena. According to some legends it was originally the name of a friend of the goddess. Athena accidentally killed her while sparring, so she took the name in honour of her friend. In Greek mythology this was the name of a Titan and several other characters.
  • Sepher is the form of Sepehr which means "sky" or "heaven" in Persian.
  • Aynokion comes form Aenocyon Dirus which is the genius name for the direwolf. It literally means "dreadful, terrible" in Latin.