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“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Rene, born Memnon Aynokion is the eight child and youngest son between Zegrus Aynokion and his wife Klyomistra Lepre, and is the younger brother to twins Sylena and Hylios, Kassian, triplets Ammyana, Chyoni, and Bydeia, and Eurus.

He is currently the teacher and mentor to Julian Khan along with Alexis Higashibōjō, River Nygaard, Pallas Sepher, Rui Trelane, Sylvie Taliss, and Rose Ong-Peres. He previously mentored and raised Angelos, the twins, and Thane while living at the Aynokion Fortress, he was the one who carried the rest of the corpse of Marcelina permanently traumatizing him and almost killing Catena and her children.


Life as Memnon Aynokion[]

Death as Memnon Aynokion[]

Cursed and Reborn[]


Confident and unpredictable, Rene proudly declares his status as the strongest even more the Julian. He remains calm throughout any situation and always puts on a poker face.  While he rarely displays genuine anger, before coming to accept Iris Curse his temper was something that often got the better of him. He was also enraged when he could only helplessly watch as Mars was being beaten up by Ostropel when he witness her memories and learned the true of her identity. Rene's temper is formidable and intimidating enough that even the normally impassive (*&*) has expressed apprehension in response to it.

Rene is normally mischievous and rather sadistic, earning the "Spartan tutor" nickname from Julian. He enjoys pulling pranks, teasing his students, and generally sowing chaos for his own amusement. He also enjoys cosplaying and dressing up for dramatic effect, especially to cause a reaction. Despite his playfulness, as Julian's tutor, most of the things he does is for his student's sake. Rene teaches what he can to make Julian a splendid warrior.

He's also shown a subtle deterministic side that was only hinted at through the series and it was not until the end that Rene expressed the extent of his fatalistic thinking. It was revealed in a flashback that Rene initially showed great anger towards the Iris Curse. However, after a period of wandering, he came to accept it, and asked Samir to erase his personal history.


On his left shoulder Rene has a twelve pointed star meaning he is a true member of his house.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arcane Power[]

The Golden Poplar of Iris - Rene original Arcane called Trembling Aspen evolved into the Golden Poplar of Iris after being to carry one of seven pieces of the Ether Beast Iris as Rene carries the Golden Poplar of Iris which grants him the abilities of Madness Inducement (much like other Daimons), Solar Radiation Manipulation (originally Light Manipulation) and Electricity Generation.

  • Solar Radiation Manipulation - Rene can create, shape and manipulate solar energy in which Rene can summon immense heat, luminosity, and raw nuclear energy. More specific effects include solar flares, geomagnetic storms, sunspot reaction causation, UV emissions, and plant growth promotion.
  • Electricity Generation - Rene can generate electricity, the energy emitted from charged particles.

Natural Abilities[]

  • Zoolingualism - Rene possesses an rare ability only inherited by members of the House of Aynokion as such Rene can understand and communicate with animals of any kind and from any planet he come's in contact with. Rene has a special fondness for insects; beetles, dragonflies, bees, and butterflies.




  • Rene comes from the Latin name Renatus meaning "born again".
  • Memnon derives from the Ancient Greek “Mémno̱n (Μέμνων)”, meaning “resolute, firm, balance”. In Greek mythology, Memnon was an Ethiopian king and son of Tithonus and Eos. As a warrior he was considered to be almost Achilles' equal in skill.
  • Aynokion comes form Aenocyon Dirus which is the genius name for the direwolf. It literally means "dreadful, terrible" in Latin.


  • He is associated with the number "19" referring to the tarot card the Sun.
  • Rene's favorite meal is braised skaah roast with seasoned pan-fried vegetables.
  • His favorite drink is espresso.
  • His hobbies are napping, tutoring his students, weapons maintenance, and spending quality time with Ruri.
  • According to Bydeia and himself, Rene has had four girlfriends in his entire life and Ruri is his fifth and longest relationship.
  • He suffers from nocturnal lagophthalmos.
  • He was a member of the Lysian bird society.