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“Sometimes I need to know when to stop. Right now isn't one of those times.”

- The Promised Neverland

River Nygaard, born Tora Rivand is the biological son between Tora Maris and Alli, and the younger brother to Luceryia, Ilysa, Yrsyla and he is the older brother to Elyas, and triplets Ora, Morga, and Kykkia. He and his siblings were adopted by a human couple, Jocasta and Helene Nygaard whom he is very close to.

River is childhood best friends with Pallas Sepher, Julian Khan, Rose Ong-Peres, Rui Trelane, and Sylvie Taliss. He is also good friends with Torina Oro and Mars Aysara.


Early Life[]



River is a Laguran, he was born with around five creases on his nose and small secondary nostrils on his nose just below his fifth crease, his main nostrils are large and somewhat flat resembling a ducks. But as a child due to extreme bullying he endured River run a one of his mother's gardening tools over his nose to remove the creases which resulted in several scares covering the whole of his nose and breaking apart his left eyebrow and some of his right.

As an adult River wore his hair in a rather eccentric way, with the exception of a patch of hair in near the front that resembles a corkscrew, his head is completely shaved. Later in the second novel he would completely shave his head and then later would grow it out. River is also considered rather handsome in a harden and terrifying kind of way, having white eye with short eyelashes, and having slight grayish bags under his eyes.


  • On his right shoulder he has a portrait of his younger brother Elyas, who passed away from J'arek's Syndrome.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arcanic Power[]

Lord Hrishikesha - River possesses an manifestation-type Arcanic power in which River is able to manipulate the senses of others.

  • Sensory Manipulation - River has complete control over the senses of oneself and others, including sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance, pain, etc, allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them. They can enhance, reduce or remove them temporarily or permanently, protect them from being overwhelmed, cause the target to sense things that aren't there or prevent them from sensing things that are, cause/remove sensory ailments, etc.

Natural Abilities[]

Laguran Physiology - River being a full-blood Laguran possesses a number of natural abilities due to his species having to adapt to the mostly water plant of Lagura.

  • Bioluminescence - His veins glow an incandescent blue when in contact with water. It's purpose was to help many Laguran find there ways out of caves in extremely dark waters.
  • Oxygen Absorption - Laguran can breathe through their skin. They can absorb oxygen from air and water. This absorption through the skin also makes it possible for Laguran to practice a form of refined respiration that allows them to survive in certain environments with ambient hazards by filtering out such hazards as they take oxygen in. However, it is unknown if they can also exhale air this way.
  • Enhanced Condition - Beyond what is listed above, River's body is also much more versatile in many other ways such as agility, endurance and reflexes.
    • Enhanced Eyesight - Lagurans can see more spectra of light than humans can. This allows them to perceive highlighted (from their point of view) shapes and images that would otherwise be invisible to humans, as well as marginally clearer in the dark. This presumably also makes it easier for them to see their way in conjunction with their bio-luminescent veins.
    • Webbed Feet - River has webbed feet that aids him in locomotion while in water.
      • Speed Swimming - Laguran can swim at far superior speeds to humans, River was able to keep up and even swim fast enough to keep up with a man-made watercraft.
    • Hollow Skeleton - River's bones are hollow, making them lighter, faster and more agile.


  • Sensitivity - River like all Lagurans are sensitive to salt and dry air.
  • Heat Radiation - Lagurans need a certain amount of humidity in the air, and can become very weak when in contact with a powerful heat radiation, and this can cause them to dry out and appear frail and old. Even incapacitated to an extent. They return to their normal state when submerged in water.



  • River is from the English word that denotes a flowing body of water. The word is ultimately derived (via Old French) from Latin ripa "riverbank".
  • Nygaard is has origins in Norwegian, Danish, or Swedish and mean "new homestead" or "new farm"
  • Tora is of an unknown meaning but belongs to one of the lowest caste known as the Shr'alo.
  • Rivand has multiple meaning such as "Purified by Sunlight" and "Peaceful Warrior" in Laguran.


  • River is associated with the Knight of Pentacles.
  • River is a atheist.
  • His favorite meal is his mother Helene's homemade spicy chicken dumpling soup with fresh bread and roasted vegetables.
  • River is also a fan of his mother Jocasta's unique pies such as her white mango, honeyberry, and fingered citron recipe.
  • He also likes a cup of fruit tea with his meals.
  • He identifies himself as a feminist though openly admits "he isn't a good one".
  • River and Rui are the godfather's of Ione Laakkonen.