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“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

― Leo Buscaglia

Sasiri "Sasha" Cebalrai is one of the eight illegitimate daughters of Octavio Cebalrai and through his affair with Ishara Vylai, and has seven half-sisters through her father called Octavia, Sabrina, Therasia, Lena, Olympia, Drusilla, and Lorenza. She also has three half-siblings through her mother called Kasi, Devi, and Shyri.

Sasha has a complicated off-and-on again relationship with Pallas Sepher.


Early Life[]


Sasha is a passionate individual with a sarcastic biting wit, a furious hidden temper and a loving disposition. Sasha deeply cares for her comrades and friends even though she'll often mock them she does it in a loving way. She is also a very confident and sexually proud person.

Sasha has an extremely close relationship with her family especially with her sister Octavia and there father as when she came out they along with the rest of the family didn't reject her and her father was actually offended that she though he would disown her. She also has a close relationship with Eliana, her father's paramour considering her a surrogate mother.


Sasha is considered "the most beautiful of Octavio Cebalrai's eight daughters" but she is no less deadly. Having long shiny black hair with her father's widow peak with large lustrous dark eyes, with wine red lips and high cheekbones. She inherited her father dusky skin tone, with a tiny yet womanly body with peaky small breast and wide hips.


  • On her right forearm she has a swiftlet puppet following the some waves, Sasha got this in honor of her maternal grandmother Asiyah whom Sasha was still in contact with until Asiyah's death.

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Torajan-Human hybrid physiology - Sasha is half-human on her father's side and on her mother's side she is Torajan, meaning she inherited the rare ability of telempathy.

  • Telempathy - Sasha can read minds and emotions and communicate telepathically and empathically, receiving thoughts and emotions from others, perceiving what others think while they feel, etc.
    • Empathic Illusion Casting - Sasha can create illusions based on emotions/empathy, either by her own emotions or others.
  • Enhanced Speed - Ever since she was a little girl she has always been faster then her peer often entering track events and winning all of them. Sasha is so fast that she can appear to be in several places at once and wipe out an entire assassination squadron in seconds. She can easily close tremendous gaps of distance in the blink of an eye while remaining undetected, and can surprise Nikolas, whom is considered one of the fastest people in the fleet.
  • Poison Immunity - With her sister Therasia help and also participation they are immune to most poisons they know of this also helps with there Arcane due to it's fondness of not only poisoning other people but it's owners when it wishes.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Sasha is highly skilled in armed and unarmed combat. Like all her sisters, she was personal trained by her father Octavio.
  • Whip Proficiency - Sasha possesses a natural aptitude for the way of the whip, being able to use it to exert power and control over her enemies. She can use her whip to make up for her lack of physical strength.


  • Jewelry - Sasha possesses two bracelets on each hand, she also wears a thumb ring on her left hand and wear two anklets on each leg.
  • Whip - A silver serpent-shaped bracelet that upon command can transform into a deadly whip.
  • Daggers - Sasha usually conceals a dozen daggers on her person and is proficient with the hidden blades


  • Sasiri is a type of flower native to Toraja, and was her mother's favorite flower. It is related to the Calophyllum Soulattri native to Austronesia. Sasiri means "irreproachable, virtuous".
    • Sasha is the Russian diminutive of Alexander which is the latinized form of the Greek name Ἀλέξανδρος (Alexandros), which meant "defending men" from Greek ἀλέξω (alexo) meaning "to defend, help" and ἀνήρ (aner) meaning "man" (genitive ἀνδρός).
  • Cebalrai means "the shepard's dog" in Arabic.


  • Sasha is associated with the number "2" which is in reference to the tarot card the High Priestess.
  • She is bisexual.
  • Her hobbies are learning about newly discovered poisons, painting, and playing poker.
  • His favorite meal is charcoal grilled chicken with fermented catfish sweet and sour curry and steamed rice.
  • Sasha owns a cat named Khepera, whom she loves and dots on dearly.
  • She is the godmother of Ione Laakkonen.