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Tora Elyas is the youngest son and fifth child between Maris and Tora Alli, he is the younger brother of Luceryia, Ilysa, Yrsyla, and Rivand; he is the older brother of triplets Ora, Morga, and Kykkia.

He died from J'arek Syndrome while getting medical treatment from the Donatella as he was in the final stages their was nothing left to do for him, Elyas died along with his father Alli.


Early Life[]


Appearance and Personality[]

Elyas is a Laguran in which he has around four creases on his nose and small secondary nostrils on his nose just below his fourth crease, his main nostrils are large and somewhat flat resembling a ducks. Elyas looked like River having the same black hair and white eyes but was described as "cuter, and sweeter then River who as a child had a harden gaze in his eyes already", with long lashes, and large, perfect front teeth that are "square as a squirrel's".


  • Tora is of an unknown meaning but belongs to one of the lowest caste known as the Shr'alo.
  • Elyas is the name for a Laguran Pine Tree.