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"My mother was a very beautiful women, luscious red hair and bright blue eyes. A part of me understands why she was chosen to become a "comfort women" doesn't mean it make's my intestine's less queasy"

- River on his mother after discovering she had become a comfort women

Tora Maris was married to Alli and was forced into an affair with (*&*-*&*), Maris is the mother of Luceryia, Ilysa, Yrsyla, Rivand, Elyas, triplets Ora, Morga, and Kykkia and Zya.

After the Occupation, Maris was never reunited with her eight other children as their father managed to escape Lagura when they were infected with J'arek Syndrome but only her husband Alli and her youngest son Elyas died from the disease where as the rest of her children were adopted by a human couple called Jocasta and Helene.


Early Life[]

Motherhood and becoming a Mistress[]

Later Life and Death[]


  • Maris means "precious one" or "beautiful one" in Laguran.
  • Tora is of an unknown meaning but belongs to one of the lowest caste known as the Shr'alo.