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"Hurry up and die, I'm planning your funeral in the fall"

― Sylena to Ammyana on asking if she had anything to tell their father

Zegrus Aynokion is the previous head of Aynokion before his daughter Sylena. He married his childhood friend Klyomistra Lepre and had eight children together; twins Sylena and Hylios, Kassian, triplets Ammyana, Chyoni, and Bydeia, Eurus and Memnon.


Early Life and Meeting Klyomistra[]

Marriage and Fatherhood[]

Being Replaced and Imprisoned[]

Death and Impact[]

Personality and Appearance[]

Zegrus had a long stern face with quiet dignity with dark grey eyes and ink black hair that resembled jagged curls. He also had a dark skin tone due to be often in the sun. After being attacked by his daughter Sylena he lost his hands due to being burned so intensely and also couldn't see anymore losing his hair and his eyes being permanently bloodshot.

When he drank Zegrus became a "monster" according to his children often beating his daughters especially Sylena for looking at him the wrong way despite that he often claimed to be a good person but when Klyomistra died he became even more unhinged attempting to kill his newborn son Memnon which cause Sylena to manifest her Arcane Power for the first time in order to protect herself and her siblings from this monster.

Abilities and Skills[]

Natural Abilities[]

Immense Mana Power - Due to being a noble of Lys, Zegrus in life possessed a large mana pool comparable to his grandson Nikolas, Angelus, Pallas, and Xander who have very impressive mana pools. But admittedly was skilled or powerful enough to manifest a Arcane Power despite being known as an impressive warrior.


Skilled Swordsmanship - Zegrus was also known as a skilled and powerful swordsman who trained his sons Kassian and Eurus and his daughter Bydeia after she bested both of her brothers and acknowledged his daughter's desire to be a warrior.


  • Zegrus is the bastardized form of Zagreus which is possibly derived from Greek ζαγρεύς (zagreus), which was a term used to refer to a hunter that catches live animals. The term would technically mean "great hunter", as it was derived from the Greek prefix ζα (za) meaning "very" combined with Greek αγρεύς (agreus) meaning "hunter". Another possibility for the name Zagreus could be that it was derived from Greek ζάγρη (zagre) meaning "barefoot".
  • Aynokion comes form Aenocyon Dirus which is the genius name for the direwolf. It literally means "dreadful, terrible" in Latin.


  • His favorite food was curry and roasted brussels sprouts